UCL alumni, students and staff celebrating Philanthropy Month on the steps of the Portico, Bloomsbury campus


You can help stop neurodegenerative diseases in their tracks


Professor Sarah Tabrizi is spearheading a multidisciplinary approach to tackling Huntington’s – a devastating neurodegenerative condition. Her diverse research, spanning cellular and neurological themes, has revealed changes in brain structure and other markers years before symptoms become apparent.


Her ongoing work includes an exploration of ‘natural compensation’, whereby patients use other parts of their brain to carry out tasks to compensate for brain tissue that has been lost. She is also looking at the possibility of using ‘neurofeedback’ techniques to boost compensation and the potential of technologies to turn off genes to control the level of mutant huntingtin protein, which causes Huntington’s, in cells.


Sometimes the best things we do for ourselves are the things we do for other people


Gifts from alumni and friends are supporting an extraordinary initiative called the UCL Centre for Access to Justice. This innovative Centre – unique among UK universities – upholds UCL’s values of fairness and equality by offering free legal advice and representation to vulnerable local people.


At the same time, it gives UCL Law students the chance to develop their skills and sense of social responsibility by working on genuine live cases with supervision from qualified lawyers.


As well as a social welfare clinic, the Centre also runs an employment clinic, with a particular emphasis on unfair dismissal. Both of these clinics are run in partnership with local charity, the Free Representation Unit (FRU). To date, 77% of social security cases have achieved positive results and all employment cases involving UCL students have been successfully settled.


The Centre also runs an education and community care clinic in partnership with another local charity, Just for Kids Law. This helps families facing difficulties such as school exclusions and the need for Statements of Special Educational Need (SEN).


In the latest development the Centre is now also providing legal clinics in the Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health & Wellbeing Centre in Newham. Acknowledging the fact that many health issues are in fact related to legal issues.


Supporting Research and Teaching

These two examples demonstrate the impact that your gift can have on ground breaking research and the wider impact of our work in the community. The Centre for access to justice also demonstrates how UCL is actively involving our students in a new approach to education that will enhance their future careers and embrace a spirit of social responsibility. You can support research and teaching my giving online today