UCL alumni, students and staff celebrating Philanthropy Month on the steps of the Portico, Bloomsbury campus


Student societies

The Development and alumni relations office helps students clubs, groups and societies throughout the year. Whether you want to invite alumni to events, bring in alumni to lead workshops or fundraise from former students of the university - we are here to help. See below for further details and get in touch if you'd like to know more or start contacting alumni.


Why should you stay in touch with your alumni?

  • They have knowledge and experience to offer
  • They can give careers advice and opportunities for members
  • They can help at your events as alumni speakers, hosts, or sponsors
  • They are global. UCL alumni live in 190 countries worldwide, have established groups and are great international contacts
  • They are genuinely interested in staying in touch with societies!


Resources to help you

  • Handy Tips Leaflet - Downloadable PDF containing helpful information on engaging alumni and supporters with your club/society (including fundraising)
  • FAQs - A list of frequently asked questions from fellow students and answers from the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO)
  • Training - Each year members of the Development and Alumni Relations team head to the Union to lead training on working with alumni, engaging them in the life of your society and sharing tips for fundraising. Make sure your Officers sign up to the sessions in May/June or, if you'd like to host a one-off session, email the team. View the slides from the latest training session (these are updated each time).


Fundraising advice
The Development and Alumni can help advise and support student societies with your fundraisin effort. This includes:

  • Helping with admin if you want to set up a challenge on justgiving.com etc.
  • Getting your message out via our social media channels

Take a look at the resources above for more information and get in touch if we can help. Please note, we cannot provide lists of alumni for direct appeals or share contact information without their permission.

Ongoing support
We help many societies get in touch with alumni relevant to their activities (not always former members). This ranges from coming back to campus and leading workshops to inviting societies into their place of work for tours and on-the-job experience.


Get in touch with the team!