UCL alumni, students and staff celebrating Philanthropy Month on the steps of the Portico, Bloomsbury campus


Internationally Based Groups

Alumni groups are a great way to stay connected to UCL and build your network of local professional and social contacts.


You’re part of a large and growing global UCL network and we encourage you to connect with each other locally - take a look on the tabs below for more information on our groups and existing alumni area contacts.



Middle East

Our new community of UCL alumni in Egypt use UCL Alumni Facebook group to connect and develop a professional network.

Tamer El-Khouly (UCL Bartlett 2015)

The UCL Israel Alumni Association has been running since 1998 and the UCL in Israel Facebook group is a great way to connect with local alumni.  

Jennifer Janes (UCL Laws 1963)

Dr Zaid H. Baqain (UCL Eastman 2000)

Hussain Al-Mosawy (UCL Mathematics 2005)

Sheikh Asif Mahmood (UCL Bartlett 2006)

Sheikh Asif Mahmood (UCL Bartlett 2006)

Saudi Arabia
Local UCL alumni often join other London universities’ alumni at the British Embassy to develop professional networks.
Mousa Al- Enezi (UCL Biochemical Engineering 2012), Adnan Rafiq (UCL Economics 1995) or Dr Najeeb Ghanem (UCL Pharmacology 1988) Dr Hadeel R. Bakhsh (UCL Musculoskeletal Science 2011) 

United Arab Emirates
This is a thriving community of UCL alumni and you can find out details on the UCL Alumni Arabia Facebook page.


Joseph Tabarani (UCL Economics 2007) and Dr Baher Ashour (UCL Ear Institute 2005)