UCL alumni, students and staff celebrating Philanthropy Month on the steps of the Portico, Bloomsbury campus


Internationally Based Groups

Alumni groups are a great way to stay connected to UCL and build your network of local professional and social contacts.


You’re part of a large and growing global UCL network and we encourage you to connect with each other locally - take a look on the tabs below for more information on our groups and existing alumni area contacts.




Our alumni community in China continues to grow significantly with a number of active alumni groups across the country.

Hong Kong
The UCL Alumni Hong Kong Club was formed in the 1970s and has since been supporting and promoting UCL within Hong Kong. The Club organises 2-3 events per year, catering for a wide age range and appealing to all audiences.


Find out more at UCL Hong Kong Club Facebook group, LinkedIn UCL Hong Kong Club. Alternatively you can contact the club Chairman: Andrew Ng (UCL Laws 1985)

Over 550 UCL alumni residing in India, with an active alumni community. Visit their UCL India Alumni Facebook group for details.

    • Delhi:

Dr Kshitij Malik (UCL Ear Institute 2007), Anubhuti Agrawal (UCL Laws 2009), Nishant Nigam (UCL Laws 2009)

    • Mumbai:

Dr Marcus Ranney (UCL Medical School 2008)


With the growing numbers of alumni Indonesia, The UCL Alumni Network in Indonesia has become more active in the recent years. Join the UCL Indonesian Alumni Forum Facebook Page and UCL Alumni Online Community to find out more or contact Israr Ardiansyah (UCL Geography 2006)

The UCL Japan Club has established a tight and strong community to keep in touch with friends and generations of UCL alumni. Please visit Facebook, LinkedIn, Web page, or contact Alumni Relations team to find out about alumni activity in Japan.

With over 500 UCL alumni in Korea and an active UCL alumni in Korea Facebook group, this is a strong and growing community.

Dr Wookyung Lee (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering PhD 1999)

The UCL Malaysian Alumni Group is a new group of dedicated alumni volunteers who are keen to build the UCL alumni community in Malaysia and to promote UCL. You can find out more on their Facebook group.

Dabeera Azra Yaqub (UCL Bartlett 1991)

Madiha Latif (UCL Technology Entrepreneurship  2010)

UCL Alumni (Singapore) was established in 1993 by several enthusiastic UCL alumni. The group continues to grow from strength to strength and you can view the latest information on the UCL Alumni Singapore Facebook group.

Sri Lanka
There is a growing community of alumni living and working in Sri Lanka who communicate via the UCL Alumni in Sri Lanka Facebook group.

Anushka Wijesinha (UCL Economics 2007)

The UCL Taiwan Alumni Association has been running regular events for its local alumni since 1999. This friendly group is diverse, made up of different age ranges and are always delighted when new UCL alumni join their activities. Find them on the UCL TAA Facebook group.


Ying-Fong Chen (UCL Bartlett 2005)


Dr Boonjong Buranawatanachoke (UCL Biochemical Engineering 2008)