UCL alumni, students and staff celebrating Philanthropy Month on the steps of the Portico, Bloomsbury campus


Alumni reunions | Things to consider

When planning your event, you may wish to consider the following:  


Choosing a date 
When would you like the event to take place? Do you need to consider term dates and public holidays? How much notice will your guests need?

Identifying a location and venue
Will the event be held abroad or in the UK? Would you like to hold the event at UCL?
Is your venue near public transport? Can guests with limited mobility gain access to the venue?

Deciding on the format
What is the purpose of the event? Would you prefer a formal dinner, an outing, informal drinks, a lecture or something else? Is there a specific theme? Will there be entertainment?

Preparing invitations
Who would you like to invite? Will alumni being able to bring partners and children? What information will your guests need, and by when?

Budgeting and collecting payment
How much will you charge guests for attending? Will you collect the money by cheque, online ticket purchase or cash on the day? Have you accounted for ‘no-shows’?

If you are interested in organising an event or reunion, please do contact us via alumni@ucl.ac.uk or +44 (0)20 3108 3833.