UCL alumni, students and staff celebrating Philanthropy Month on the steps of the Portico, Bloomsbury campus



Throughout the year many reunions and events are held across the world for alumni – please see below for details of all upcoming. Find out more information about alumni reunions by visiting the reunions page.
If you are looking for information about alumni events from your academic department, please check the relevant departmental website directly. 

UCL Berlin Alumni Club - mulled wine and Reichstag tour | 5 December 2018 | Berlin | Book tickets

UCL France Alumni in Paris Christmas Party | 5 December 2018 | France | Book tickets
UCL NY Alumni Club - holidays event
| 6 December 2018 | New York USA | Book tickets
UCL Thessaloniki alumni social
| 12 December 2018 | Greece | Book tickets

UCL Japan Alumni Annual Party | 19 January 2019 | Tokyo | Book tickets
UCL Faculty of Life Sciences - Alumni Lecture | 19 February 2019 | UCL JZ Young Lecture Theatre | Book tickets
UCL Connect Teachmeet: Innovators in Secondary and Post-Compulsory Education
 | 21 February 2019 | UCL Institute of Education | Book tickets


Before attending any official UCL Alumni events please read our code of conduct